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Award-winning director Iris Zaki enters the heart of Tekoa, an Israeli settlement in the West-Bank, sets up a table in front of the cafe and and hopes to talk to the locals about their lives. Though fearful at first of the left-wing invader, settlers from various backgrounds gradually open up to her. Their honest, surprising and sometimes funny conversations offer a fresh take on Israeli reality from both sides of the Green Line.  Zaki offers a range of settlers’ views: From a former member of the extremist “hilltop youth,” who is now a father to four children and disillusioned about his past to a secular left-winger who opens up about his ambivalence toward contributing to the occupation; from a young woman who grew up in the West Bank city of Hebron to an observant woman who has recovered from a terrorist attack, Zaki offers a range of viewpoints that are sure to stimulate discussion. Filmmaker Iris Zaki in attendance. 

“Film About Settlers at Alternative Israeli Film Festival”  Haaretz

“Does what too many of us are afraid to do: engage in conversation with fellow countrymen on the opposite end of the political spectrum.” Another Magazine


Documentary / Dir: Iris Zaki / 2018 / Israel / Hebrew w/ Eng ST / 70 min


London FF, Boston JFF, Docaviv Intl FF