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The Essential Link: The Story of Wilfrid Israel

Wilfrid Israel’s remarkable story has been nearly lost to history. Before the onset of WWII, Israel owned Berlin’s largest department store and was reportedly one of Europe’s richest Jews. During the war, he helped save tens of thousands and played a key role in the Kindertransport program. Despite his prominent social status and assumed heroism, little is known about this enigmatic man. Filmmaker Yonatan Nir (“My Hero Brother” – MJFF 2017) takes us on a revealing journey into Wilfrid Israel’s life and the real reasons for his disappearance from history.

Senior Film: Dessert Reception follows. Sponsored by The Cedars

“Never in my life have I come in contact with a being so noble, so strong or as selfless as Wilfrid Israel.” – Albert Einstein

“(Wilfrid) Israel saved 15 times more people than Oskar Schindler.”Times of Israel


Documentary / Dir: Yonatan Nir / 2016 / Israel / Hebrew, German w/ Eng ST / 82 min


DocAviv Film Festival 2017, Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival 2017, Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2018, Scottsdale International Film Festival 2017

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