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Summer Solstice

Subtly-contrasted but powerfully-connected scenes weave this compelling story of adolescents struggling to survive in late WWII Poland under German occupation. Romek, a Polish railroad worker, who scavenges the tracks for goods abandoned by deported Jews, and Guido, a German military policeman passionate about American jazz, love the same girl. The situation is relatively quiet until Romek meets an escaped Jewish girl in the woods who begs for his help, and Guido comes under the command of a sadistic Oberleutnant who brooks no disobedience. Gorgeous cinematography and an expert cast enhance this nuanced tale, climaxing in a shocking loss of innocence and universal truths of youth, violence and war.

“Compelling historical drama” -Variety

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Drama /  Dir: Michal Rogalski / Starring: Jonas Nay, Filip Piotrowicz, Maria Semotiuk, Ursula Bogucka / 2015 Germany-Poland /  Polish, German w/English subtitles /  100 min


Montreal World Film Festival: Screenplay Award; 26th annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival 2016; Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2015; New Jersey Jewish Film Festival 2016; Washington Jewish Film Festival 2016

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