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Reuben already has a complicated relationship with Gadi, his special needs son he abandoned in childhood. When Gadi, 35 loses his mother Reuben becomes’ Gadi’s legal guardian. Then Reuben needs a kidney transplant and Gadi wants to be the donor and things get really complicated. Directed by the father of a special needs child, Nevo Kimchi’s portrayal of Gadi is nuanced and compelling, welcoming a character who once would have been in the shadows to center stage on the big screen.  Without cliché, the film explores complex issues with humor and charm. Doval’e Glickman as Reuben won the 2018 Ophir for Best Supporting Actor. Made Possible by the Cromwell Center

“A new and welcome instance of a character who would once have been in the shadows taking center space on the big screen.”  The Jerusalem Post


Drama / Dir: Jacob Goldwasser / Starring: Nevo Kimchi, Doval’e Glickman / 2018 / Israel / Hebrew w/ Eng ST / 90 min


Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles, Tokyo International Film Festival

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