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Shalom Bollywood: The Untold Story of Indian Cinema

Who knew?  Shalom Bollywood tells the tale of the nice Jewish girls who became icons of Indian cinema from the early 20th century to the present.  Gorgeous and highly talented, these Jewish stars pushed the boundaries to make Bollywood what it is today. In doing so, they created many Bollywood firsts:  the first dance, the first kiss, the first talkie, and the first color film. One of them even became the country’s first Miss India! By exploring the story of Jewish Bollywood greats, the film also sheds light on the 2000 year-old Indian Jewish community and interfaith relations in what is described in the film as, “a land without anti-Semitism.”  The combination of fascinating story together with fabulous song and dance clips from the original Bollywood films and “where are they now” interviews with descendants of the stars makes watching this movie a most engaging experience.

India Cinema’s Surprising Stars of It’s Golden Age  Washington Post

“A fabulous gem, worth a trip to the theater.” Atlanta Jewish Times


Documentary / Dir:Danny Ben-Moshe / 2017 / Australia / 76 min


Australian Jewish International Film Festival, UK Asian Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival, UK International Jewish Film Festival, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

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