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Morning Trail

Romance finds us in the strangest places.  When Ella’s best friend Tami dies suddenly in an elevator accident, the only thing she can think of doing is completing the trek they had been planning to take together in Tami’s memory. Much to the consternation of her daughter Michal, she ignore the usual Jewish forms of mourning and heads off to the Negev, where she meets Gabi, a widower who does the same trek at the same time each year in memory of his wife. Initially resentful of the other person who is in their space, Ella and Gabi eventually find that they have a lot to talk about. Things get even more complicated when they are joined by Michal and Amir, Gabi’s son, who also feel that romance is in the air. Everything ends happily (this is a rom-com after all), but not before everyone learns some valuable lessons.

Note for return festival goers:  this is the latest film from Tommy Lang, the director of our 2017 hit Peter the Third and features many of the same cast of highly engaging actors who once again make what could be far fetched totally believable.

morning trail trailer from tommy lang on Vimeo.


Comedy-Drama / Dir: Tommy Lang / Starring / 2018 / Israel /  Hebrew w/ Eng. ST/ 92 min

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