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Made Like a Gun

What price is paid by a society in perpetual combat?  “I feel like the discussion of values, ethics and morality has disappeared from the Israeli discourse about PTSD, ” says actor/director Eldad Prives.  Funded by Natal – Israel’s Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War, eight Israelis and a psychologist, all male combat veterans, travel the Indian Himalayas on Enfield motorcycles surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Their journey coincides with the 2014 Operation Protective Edge into Gaza. As this film about how Israeli men cope with PTSD progresses, emotional turmoil from devastating experiences is revealed, along with the tenderness and vulnerability that usually remain hidden under protective layers of stereotyped masculinity.

Following the screening, a panel will discuss the subject of combat and moral injury.

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Documentary / Dir: Eldad Prives  / 2016 Israel/ Hebrew w/English subtitles / 56 min


Delhi International Film Festival

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