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The Last Mentsch

Evocative cinematography and superb acting drive this poignant story of denial and destiny. Marcus Schwarz (German Academy Award winner Mario Adorf) escaped Auschwitz and spent a lifetime concealing his heritage in Germany. But when the rabbis demand proof he’s really Jewish to purchase a plot in the local cemetery, he must return to his birthplace on the Hungarian-Romanian border and reckon with his identity. When he enlists the help of Gül, a young chain-smoking German Turk with a troubled history of her own, as his driver – the unlikely duo embarks on a road trip with unexpected twists. Hannelore Elsner, brilliant in “To Life,” does a star turn as Marcus’ romantic interest losing her grip on reality.

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Drama / Dir: Pierre-Henry Salfati  / Starring: Mario Adorf ( German academy award winner), Katharina Derr,  Hannalore Elsner (starred in last year’s senior fim “To Life”)  / 2013 GermanySwitzerland-France  / German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Hungarian w/ English subtitles  / 93 min / Audience Award Best film San Diego Jewish Film festival


Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival 2016; Vancouver Jewish Film Festival 2014, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2014; Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2015; 15th Annual Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival 2016; 31st Annual Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival 2016; Athens Jewish Film Festival 2016; Geneva International Film Festival 2015

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