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Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the Maine Jewish Film Festival is proud to present a film that celebrates the Irish Jewish connection.

Estella Solomons’ centenary passed in 1982 without public attention, and even her death in 1968 was not widely noticed.   Yet she was important in Irish history as a very fine painter and etcher and as an Irish patriot. A member of a distinguished Jewish family, wife of a respected poet and man of letters Seamus O’Sullivan, friend and hostess to most of Dublin’s literati and artists, Solomons was a considerable personality with many facets. She was also a very beautiful woman, as various photographs and self-portraits testify, and one of a generation of remarkable and independent-minded Irish women, relatively few of whom have been given full recognition. This engrossing documentary shows us why she was important in all facets of her long and active life.  Ellen D. Murphy of the Maine Irish Heritage Center will speak and lead a discussion after the film.

This program is made possible by The Maine Humanities Council and the Maine Arts Commission.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Republican


Documentary / Dir: Steve Woods / 2000 / Ireland / 52 min

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