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Across the Waters

Immersed in the nightlife of 1943 Copenhagen, jazz guitarist Arne Itkin is unconcerned as the Danish government opts for a compliant relationship with Nazi Germany. He is initially skeptical when his terrified wife Miriam hears rumors of the round-up and deportation of Danish Jews. An overnight raid forces the couple to flee their home with five-year-old son Jakob and start a terrifying journey toward safety. Amidst lurking danger from the Gestapo and their collaborators, the family puts its fate in the hands of strangers whose allegiance and motives are not always clear. Based on true events, this gripping film, directed and co-written by Nicolo Donato, whose own grandfather was among the courageous Danish fisherman to ferry war refugees to safety, sheds light on one of the most daring rescue missions in WWII history.

This program is made possible by the Albert B. Glickman Family Foundation. 

“Reminds us that some of us will do the right thing and others will not.  Neither is inevitable.’”Flix Chatter

“Depicts probably the ugliest incident in Danish history as a way of portraying the best of the Danish resistance’”JB Spins

“This drama of survival is tense and engaging.” Canadian Jewish News


Drama / Dir: Nicolo Donato / Starring: David Dencik, Danic Curcic/ 2016 Denmark / Danish w/ Eng ST/ 95 min


Ecumenical Film Winner Nashville Film Festival, Atlanta, NY, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia Jewish Film Festivals, Twin Cities Film Festival, NY

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