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Date: 3.25.17 Time: 6:30pm Venue: Portland Museum of Art

Peter the Third

Film + Reception – Portland

With joyous honesty, transcending age, this comedy reveals a fascinating cross-section of Israeli culture.  Peter is a customer of Alona in a Tel Aviv café and both are romantically and professionally dissatisfied. Peter, 65, an actor and widower, plots with his cadre of aging Romanian cynics, to start a new political party with the single… Read more
Date: 3.23.17 Time: 1:00pm Venue: Portland Museum of Art

Harold & Lillian


From executive producer Danny DeVito comes the love story of two of Hollywood’s greatest unsung heroes - Harold and Lillian Michelson. Although their work as storyboard artist and film researcher was nearly always uncredited, their iconic six-decade careers were responsible for the production design of many Hollywood hits including The Birds, The Graduate, The Ten… Read more