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Date: 3.15.17 Time: 7:00pm Venue: CTN Studio Portland

Bogdan’s Journey


Bogdan Bialek’s story is a remarkable one – and has much to teach us about how to bridge seemingly impassable divides. In our day, a rising tide of polarization serves to demonize and stigmatize the “Other”, often to simply advance self-interest.  Yet, Bogdan succeeded in helping the children and grandchildren of the per­petrators and victims  of… Read more
Date: 3.19.17 Time: 3:00pm Venue: Nickelodeon Cinema
In this program we present two films, Bamidbar and Made Like A Gun, that focus on Israeli veterans coping with post traumatic stress. Often hidden behind stoic veneers, both of these films expose the emotional and moral consequences of combat. Following the films a panel of veterans' affairs experts will lead us in a discussion focused on… Read more
Date: 3.23.17 Time: 6:00pm Venue: Nickelodeon Cinema
You may never have heard of Bert Berns, but you've definitely heard his music. He was the writer and producer behind hits such as, Piece of My Heart, Hang on Sloopy and Twist and Shout all while launching the careers of Van Morrison and Neil Diamond. Interviews with Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Ben E. King… Read more