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Film + Discussion

Date: 3.22.17 Time: 6:00pm Venue: CTN Studio Portland

White Night / A Demonstration in the White City

Special Benefit Screening – Portland

Tickets will be available at CTN Studio at 6:00 PM

In the context of fluid and evolving attitudes about refugees and immigrants, we present two stark and immediate documentaries, A White Night and Demonstration in the White City   that illuminate a population that is often hidden in the shadows. This event will start with a gathering (including Rising Tide beer, Vena's Fizz House non-alcoholic beverages, and Middle… Read more
Date: 3.19.17 Time: 1:30pm Venue: Portland Museum of Art

Blue Like Me + Hollow Land



Filmmaker Hal Rifkin captures the transfixing artwork of Siona Benjamin in the film Blue Like Me. Born in Mumbai to a Jewish family, Benjamin's boundary-crossing work synthesizes her Jewish roots with Hindu, Catholic, Muslim and Zoroastrian iconography of India. This event also features the beautiful award-winning animated short film, Hollow Land. TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR… Read more
Date: 3.25.17 Time: 12:00pm Venue: Portland Museum of Art

Doing Jewish: A Story from Ghana


Tickets will be sold at the PMA at 11:30 am.

Is there a difference between "being Jewish" and "doing Jewish?"  Part of our "Welcoming the "Other" Film Series," this film follows a young Canadian Jewish filmmaker as she attempts to find out in a remote Black African Jewish community in Ghana.  How did Jewish customs and rituals find their way to Ghana?  How have they survived… Read more
Date: 3.24.17 Time: 1:00pm Venue: Portland Museum of Art

Raise the Roof


Tickets will be available at the PMA at 12:30 PM

Amid a rising tide of antisemitism across much of Europe comes an extraordinary story of resurrection and renewal. During WWII the Nazis destroyed a forest of wooden synagogues - considered to be among the most remarkable wooden structures ever built. This documentary follows a team of over 300 artisans and students under the leadership of… Read more
Date: 3.24.17 Time: 6:30pm Venue: CTN Studio Portland

The Last Laugh


Sold out

Can the Holocaust be funny? Are jokes about Nazis and genocide in poor taste or a people’s way of coping with tragedy? When is “too soon” too soon? Filmmaker Ferne Pearlstein explores this question through interviews and excerpts from comedians like Mel Brooks, Rob Reiner, Sarah Silverman, Judy Gold, Chris Rock, and Joan Rivers, as… Read more
Date: 3.21.17 Time: 6:00pm Venue: Nickelodeon Cinema

Bar Bahar


Tickets will be sold at the Nickelodeon at 5:30 PM

The film Bar Bahar follows three young Palestinian women sharing a flat in Tel Aviv while trying to navigate “in between” traditional and modern culture. Following the film, attorney Cathy Lee and activist Zainah Anwar, this year’s speaker for Justice for Women Lecture Series, will discuss the challenges modern women face today. Read more about Bar Bahar… Read more
Date: 3.20.17 Time: 6:00pm Venue: Nickelodeon Cinema

Freedom to Marry


Tickets will be sold at the Nickelodeon beginning at 5:15.

Within the context of the incoming Trump administration and its potential impact on the make-up of the Supreme Court, we present an open and engaging discussion about the evolution of marriage equality. Even though you know how the story ends, the film Freedom to Marry is a surprisingly suspenseful look at the struggle for marriage equality. This “war… Read more